Solution to Problem of Unable to Sign Out from Blogger Dashboard in Google Chrome

Problem :

When I clicked on "sign out" on the top right corner of blogger dashboard, it failed to work. The "sign out" is still there and I cannot sign in to another account to edit another blog.

Justification :
The reason is caused by password saved in your google chrome. Before you can sign out successfully, you must "clear the browser data". Here are the step by step guide :

Solution :
1. Click on the top right "Customize and control google chrome" symbol (3 horizontal lines). Then click on "More Tools" and select "Clear browsing data".

2. In the pop up window below, tick on passwords. Then click on the button "Clear browsing data" below. 

Now, go back to your blog and click the sign out button again, and you will be able to sign out successfully.

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