What Gestures Turns Men Off Sexually ?

Here are the list of sexual turn-offs men have always wanted women to know, which I have compiled after some research I have done. Since every human is unique, each man has his own major complaints. If you show this list to your man, I am sure he can find some turn-offs he agrees with, some he disagrees with and some he feels strongly about that aren’t on the list. However, the list I have chosen are the common turn-offs every woman should know.

You will find some of the listed items below have nothing to do with sex. However, these are things women do that end up turning men off to them.

Here goes the list :
1) She acts as if she doesn’t like sex

She acts as if she is doing men a favour when she makes love with the man.

She acts embarrassed when talking about sex.

She makes derogatory comments about sex.

She is critical of her boyfriend or husband when he expresses his sexuality, thinking that it is something “dirty” to talk about.

2) She never initiates sex

If she never or rarely initiates the sexual activity in a relationship, he will end up feeling that he is being controlled, teased and manipulated by her woman. Being the one that always has to take all the chances, while she is not sharing any of the burden in taking sexual risks (of being rejected for example), that turns him off.

3) She makes man responsible for her orgasms

Man does want to help woman to have orgasm, but they don’t want to feel that they failed when it doesn’t come to her. They don’t want to feel that they are under pressure for an “orgasm test”. If she doesn’t ask the man for what she wants, he may feel set up for a test to see how good he is. A man interprets this as manipulating, often secretly feels resentful and turns off.

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4) She instructs him on what to do in bed

She has an idea of how sex is supposed to work out. She wants to be in control of the love-making process. She instructs and corrects the partner when he does something wrong, so as to get the partner to fit into her perfect picture. This totally turns man off.

5) She is unresponsive in bed

She just lies there while you make love to her. No sounds, no movement, no response, nothing. The man feels that what he is doing is not having any effect at all, like she is daydreaming, sleeping or waiting for it to be over. It turns man off when the woman is passive during sex.

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6) She talks too much in bed

From the minute of starting make out, she talks and talks, giving a detailed running dialogue of every single feeling and sensation she is having. When a woman talks so much, the man will feel obligated to talk and that distracts him from experiencing the pleasure.

7) She doesn’t take care of herself well

Man cannot stand woman who doesn’t take care of her weight and appearance, but complains about her weight, at the same time stuffing herself with unhealthy diet. Woman with bad vaginal odour, body odour, unshaved under-arms and legs, bad breath, “moustaches”, heavy make ups, and unstylish clothing or hair style turns man off. Man is usually visually turned on, and it is just as easy for him to be visually turned off.

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8) She is too serious

She is too serious about work, relationship, sex, and everything else in her life. Man loves laughing, fooling around and gets turn off if she gets offended with that especially during dating or making out. When she makes sex a serious matter, the man feels nervous, as if he is being tested. Lighten up, woman !

9) She is excessively needy and clingy

Man gets turn off by woman who is often very emotional, who cannot make decision for herself, and gets paranoid when the man look at another woman for a glimpse second, who blames someone else for her problem, or threatens to kill herself . He will feel suffocated with her and loses his attraction and sexual desire to her immediately. Weak, whiny, wimpy woman turns man off.

10) She is superficial and ignorant

She has no idea about what is going on in the world around her and spend her time thinking about her body, face and hair, or latest fashion style. Man feels proud if he can bring her woman anywhere and introduce her to anyone and she will be able to hold her own. Undeniably, man likes good looks and nice body, but a woman with great mind turns him on.

11) She only cares about man’s financial status

Man gets turn off by woman who, in the first meet, checks out the kind of car he has, the house he stays in, the job he has and the designer clothes he is wearing. Man dislikes being used or evaluated for the amount of money he has. If woman wants man to love her for what she is and not just the visual appearance, then she must be willing to do the same for the man.

12) She uses her sexuality to manipulate man

She treats man like sexual object; she flirts, teases and comes on to him all the time. Some men may appear to love it when she behaves that way. She may get the attention she wants, but he will not respect her, will not take her seriously and probably laugh at her behind his back.

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13) She is not sexually spontaneous

She makes such a big deal each time before making out. She spends half an hour in the bathroom washing, putting on perfume, body lotion and so on. She set up the bedroom with candles all over the place and the perfect music. By the time she is ready, the man’s interest is gone. Sometimes planning is nice, but when overdone with perfection, it turns man off. Most men like spontaneous sex, it turns them on.

14) She wears ugly underwear

Man gets turned off if he finds her wearing underwear like his mother used to wear, the cotton pants that come up to her waist with thick leg parts on the side. When man finally gets to undress her woman only to find that she is wearing saggy stretched-out underpants or bras, or bras that look like chest protectors or oversize or undersize bra, he will be secretly disappointed. Woman may not realize this, but man do apparently get turn off by underwear that isn’t up to his standard.

Final Note :

I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. I suggest that you ask your partner to go through the list above and tell you what he thinks about each turn-off. Then, make a list of your own turn-offs and share with him. Have fun !

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